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Monday, April 14, 2014

Free Postcards for the shoppes!

Comic shops can contact us here for freee promo postcards! Thanks a lot!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


THE NEW FEARLESS DAWN BOOK: HARD TIMES #1--IS HERE! Well, not here--not yet--you need to preorder from your local comic store!  It just got a STAFF PICK from the good guys at Diamond Comics!  So do yourself a favor and pre-order before their sold out--You have to do it by April 23rd, 2014 to give your store owner the time to place the order.

use this ordercode: APR140948

Here's the Diamond Comics STAFF PICKS link:

In the meantime--here's a preview--

Issue Number: 1 (one shot)
Number of Issues/Volumes in Series:1
Frequency of Publication :
Writers’ and Artists’ Names: (written and Illustrated by) Steve Mannion
Cover Artists: Steve Mannion
Intended Audience: General Readers
Format: 28 pages 7x10 SC standard comic, B&W INTERIORS
Retail Price: $3.99

Ship Date: JUNE 2014
ISBN13: 978-1-61724-193-2
Diamond Code: 
Cover image for Previews: 

Synopsis: The thrilling sequel to Fearless Dawn's "Jurassic Jungle Boogie Nights" is here at last!  In an attempt to leverage some bargaining power, the evil HELGA VON KRAUSE kidnaps Fearless Dawn's canine companion, Dogface. But the trick takes an unexpected turn. Fearless Dawn has become a menace to herself and others! Fans of the Rocketeer, The Goon, and MAD Magazine are sure to get a kick out of this series, from the inimitable mind and pen of Steve Mannion!   ALSO features a "Manly" Mannion sketchbook section.

From Diamond

Publisher: Asylum Press
The last time we saw Prissy Jones, aka Fearless Dawn, things were not going well for her. During a botched mission Fearless Dawn was helpless to watch her friend Betty takes a bullet in her skull and, while still grieving the loss, she woke to find that her Nazi arch nemesis Helga Von Krause has kidnapped her little canine companion, Dogface. Unfortunately for the Nazis, Fearless Dawn’s coping mechanism seems to be pumping Nazis full of as many bullets as possible!
While the tone of this title might be darker than other Fearless Dawn books we’ve been treated to recently, Steve Mannion’s artwork lightens the mood with quirky and fun character designs that make the book a pleasure to read. In what other series can you read about moonbase Nazis, super model secret agents, mad scientists, and genetically engineered zombie monsters?
Be sure to pick up Fearless Dawn: Hard Times from Asylum Press as our heroine takes on the whole Nazi army and won't stop until she puts them in the ground or she dies a hero.

Matt Demory
Item Code: APR140948
In Stores:
SRP: $3.99

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sleepless in sketchville

Couldn't sleep Saturday Nite-Sunday-It was a creative opportunity and so I did these sketchcards and a One-Eyed Hans study.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Con Schedule!

More HAWTHORNE HIGH COMICON info Here: LINK GOING BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL The Hawthorne High School Comic Con, on Saturday May 10th in New Jersey, has bigger names than comic cons twenty times its size… which is what heppens when it’s organised by the guy who used to run the Big Apple Comic Cons, Allan Rosenberg, who teaches there. The guest list includes Walt Simonson, Joe Staton, Herb Trimpe, Tom Palmer, Jack C. Harris, Bob Wiacek, Trevor Von Eeden, Steve Mannion, John Workman, Doug Baron, Mike Lilly, Guy Dorian, Ian Dorian, Ken Gale, Mercy Van Vlack, Bob Pinaha, Paul Bonono, Rick Man, Glen Whitmore, Janet Hamlin, Rudy Nebres, James Sherman and more, with a visit from the Joe Kubert School. $5 admission.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

working progress...

Gotta take a shot of some work that's been done since the Kickstarter book shipped off to be printed. This is a good time to flesh out new stories and catch up on those pesky commissions! Always feel like I haven't done enough. Go man go!